Francine Tint Dark Side of the Moon


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My paintings serve as records of a process of disclosure, drawn from my own life events, literature, and dreams. Finding inspiration in the movements of color-based and action painting, and painters such as Larry Poons, I have developed a unique and personalized art practice.


Working wet on wet, I create expressive, mural-sized paintings which concentrate on color and motion. My process is deliberate and confident; I begin with poured washes on unprimed canvas and build energy and space through sharp bursts of color and aggressive mark making. Allowing for both openness and density of marks across the canvas, I see my paintings as a means to convey a unique sense of light, color, and surface. While I consider myself first and foremost a painter, I make use of a diverse range of mark making techniques, both traditional and unconventional. Working on both floor- and wall-mounted surfaces, I move paint across raw canvas instinctively, using tools such as brooms, squeegees, brushes, sticks, and rollers, and integrating hand drawn elements, poured washes, and collage.

My paintings begin as a personal dialogue and are deeply involved with process, but ultimately I see them as an invitation for viewers to have their own journey and reflection.



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