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Acrylic Argon by Peter Harrison is a stunning coffee table made from 1.5 inch thick acrylic, aluminium and stainless steel cable. The cables are individually integrated to create an amazing visual experience. The cables flex as they are touched, yet spring back into their mobius-like position. The s..
Ex Tax:$1,080.00
Model: Bookshelf Books in Solid Walnut Wood
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Ex Tax:$5,000.00
Model: Brazilian 'Costela'
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Ex Tax:$3,000.00
Ceramic Coffee Table Design Juliette Belarti, 1960 Ceramic Coffee Table Design Juliette Belarti, 1960
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Model: Ceramic Coffee
Coffee table in ceramic painted and steel legs. DesignJuliette Belarti, 1960 The base color of the tabletop is a beautiful bright green, where painted circles with an almost metallic tone that varies in intensity in the shades of gray up to black, beautiful and extremely rare, the table legs like t..
Ex Tax:$2,065.00
Model: Ganser Stool
This striking stool, made of briccola wood, typical of the Venetian lagoon, evokes the now disappearing role of the "gansèr", a retired gondolier who helps gondola passengers embark and disembark with the help of a hooked cane. This piece retains the marks of the wood's erosion and the slight inclin..
Ex Tax:$950.00
Model: Handwoven Bebop
This handwoven Bebop small cotton light screen is a unique creation by León León Design from Mexico City. The screen features a solid powder-coated steel structure and a handwoven cotton rope weaving.Handcrafted in small batches, every lamp comes with a hand-numbered tag. This item is not..
Ex Tax:$235.00
Model: Happy Small
Outdoor lantern made with large pieces of broken colored glass that light up with magnificent colored light.Very joyous in its form of a small house...
Ex Tax:$888.00
Model: Hudson 250 Epoxy Resin Table with x Base
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Ex Tax:$3,500.00
Model: Hudson Coffee Table
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Ex Tax:$4,500.00
Model: Italian Slat Chairs
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Ex Tax:$2,500.00
Model: Japanese Wood Andon
Japanese wood lantern (andon) was originally used as mobile light for indoor use. Original frame has been re-papered with Japanese rice paper. Taisho period...
Ex Tax:$425.00
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