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Decorative Objects

Model: Bookshelf Books in Solid Walnut Wood
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Ex Tax:$5,000.00
Model: Large 19th Century
A very good quality 19th century French gilded ormolu, Champlevé enamel and onyx clock garniture. Having an impressive pair of six branch candelabra with white onyx urns, inset champlevé enamel bands. The clock having a wonderful gilded ormolu semi-nude figure standing above the eight day duration c..
Ex Tax:$23,345.00
Model: Metallic Black
Part of a new series of related pieces, a sculptural "Family" of modern Primitive Totems and ceramic stoneware objects. This piece has a creamy metallic black glaze and a Mid-Century Modern feel. It raises interest on its own... is it metal? Is it steel or iron? But the warmth of the ceramic sculptu..
Ex Tax:$925.00
Model: Money Painting
With this unique piece the young Dutch artist blurs the lines between painting and wall sculpture. Using fake Dollar bills that are layered on canvas and are covered with epoxy, he creates a three-dimensional appearance that is reinforced through the acrylic hood the piece is covered with. The Dolla..
Ex Tax:$8,000.00
Model: Wood Bookshelves in Natural Solid Oak Wood
For more details please contact us..
Ex Tax:$3,000.00
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